If you are looking for creativity, reliable professionals with various extensive work and life experiences, I am confident that this company is a fit for you. Krunk Mode Studio is a company dedicated to bringing consumers high quality sound to Hip Hop Industry all over the United States. We have working artist that are unique with powerful bars and amazing songs.

We also produce promo/videos for other artist, we are concentrating in audio engineering, which includes synthetic additions, auto tuning, mixing & mastering tracks, and managing the sound experience during live performances. Utilizing various technical equipment, software programs, and having a keen musical ear allows us to be committed to and achieve sound excellence. We also do heat press printing on clothing & hats. Visit our services page for more information, for any questions or concerns please email us at krunkmodestudio@gmail.com



Waldrickis Logan, also known as “Bridge Boi”, was born in Richmond Virginia on November 19, 1986. Logan moved to Lawton, Ok at the age four where he was raised by his mother Lisa Logan Castor. At the age of 12 Logan began expressing himself in lyrics causing him to fall in love with hip hop music and start his rap career. At the age of 13 Waldrickis Logan became "Bridge Boi", when he stepped behind the microphone and recorded his first song. Ever since then Bridge Boi has been writing and recording music. In October 2008 Bridge Boi’s younger brother, Matthias “Krunk Man3” Castor, passed away from sickle cell. Before his death he was inspired by his older brother Bridge Boi to record, write, and produce music as well as start a record label called Krunk ENT. With the death of his brother and passion to keep both their dreams alive, Bridge Boi continues to write and record music, but added business man when he trademarked Krunk ENT making it a legal  and legitimate label that he owns.




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